You´re at your desk, looking at a mountain of assignments and in through the door comes a message that you’ve gained hundreds of new clients simply due to your laser focus, refined campaign and determination to target the heart of your audience. The bonus is you feel completely calm because you´ve increased your inner capacity and become a master at organizing and delegating with such precision and timing that the term “stress” has now become a city on mars…

One of the biggest reasons the +3000-year-old martial arts are making entrepreneurs so successful is because it teaches the importance of having milestones (belt advancements), coupled with the endurance, focus, self-control and patience to achieve them, proving oneself worthy of their attainment.

Grand change happens over time… Regardless if you´re working on your body, mind-set or business. You apply 100% focus on putting your plan into repeated, daily action, letting nothing get in your way. Nothing!

Having coached and trained both business owners and larger organizations to higher productivity, sales results and breakthroughs, I have witnessed time and time again what really makes a winner a winner. I call it having a “martial arts mind-set”. 

Having practiced elite martial arts and been a sales leader for more than 3 decades, I can tell you there´s nothing that will ever substitute having an ingrained “never-quit”-attitude. 

So, which bridging gems make this trait so effective in the entrepreneur world? And how can YOU begin excelling in every single area of your life by activating this all-important mindset which has created some of the world´s most successful entrepreneurs?


1. Aim behind the target: SEE and FEEL yourself doing whatever it is you aim to do — and then exceed your past self in actions to get there. This creates NEW and even larger opportunities – stemming from an increase in courage, belief and self-esteem.

2. Hone focus and clarity on a daily basis: Have ONE mission for each day, removing ALL distractions.

3. Advance through discipline: Gradually increase the size of your monthly goals. It´s the awareness of the fact that it´s the bruises that make you stronger, which creates the final masterpiece you become.

"The connection  to your dream becomes
greater than the connection
to your pain..." 

The greatest bonuses from implementing martial arts training into your work day does not come from attaining belts, but from the effect it has on your brain and character, literally speaking. And this is where it spills over into all other areas of your life including business and entrepreneurship. 

Martial arts training has proven to have a direct impact on the amounts of synapses fired in the brain. The reason is that martial arts training is a mix of soft and hard activities and therefore develops several areas of the pre-frontal cortex and the rest of the human brain.

Alone timing, fast decision making, increased focus and attention puts you way ahead of your competition. The martial arts are based upon thousands of years of trial and error in how to most optimally develop the human mind and body through both the yin and yang forces. (soft/hard, slow/fast i.e.) Most other sports are comprised of either one or the other.

It´s all about balance. The easy-to-implement tools and exercises, now available to business owners and corporations, provide an incredible edge where the number of daily solved tasks are dramatically increased while eliminating expensive stress — and sickness scenarios.

The reason is that since the brain is now gradually being opposed to increasing amounts of smaller “stress scenarios”, it adapts over time.

“It is the art of INTEGRATING exercise into your
every-day work-life that  saves time,
boosts energy and 10X´s
your daily results!”

Through ultra-short “Boost Passes,” which gradually increase in difficulty and complexity, the brain grows through a process called neuro-plasticity. 

It is the timing of these precisely designed and bountiful exercises implemented at the right times throughout the day which gradually develops an army of business soldiers. 

Increasing our productivity and clarity while tripling our ability to solve problems faster, creates a multiplied result on the bottom line, correct? 

Our success as entrepreneurs and businesses as a whole, comes down to our beliefs and ability to handle pressure in various amounts. And this ability, if trained, will inevitably yield massive results and sales through heightened personal mastery. Be it employee or leader level. 

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