It´s that time of year when most of us are preparing to make changes in our personal and professional lives because 2020 has to be absolutely amazing! Right?...

We also know that resolutions are often forgotten after just a short period of time. So, how do you successfully create resolutions on which you can deliver, creating the massive changes in your life that you crave so much? Here are 5 rules to follow to optimize your chances of creating lasting transformation: 

 1. Set goals that resonate with your current process and your why! You might ask yourself where you are currently on your journey in relation to your destination. Are you just starting out? Or have you been traveling a bit of the way toward your goal and now need to navigate around some challenges?

How would you navigate around these challenges considering all angles and scenarios? At the same time, how do you create maximum abundance for yourself, your loved ones and the people you serve?

And perhaps most importantly, are you still in alignment with your vision? Or does your end vision need to expand, be elaborated on or even change slightly? These questions are the building blocks for setting clear goals that are engrained into who you are as a person and can be achieved with sheer willpower. Revisit these goals and assess them to make sure they are still appropriate for you.

2. Push your limits and challenge yourself! Aim for targets that force you to grow at all times. Push yourself to access experiences which you might otherwise never have had. We all need a spark in our lives and NEED to be turned on like a match in order to create astounding results within and around us. 

The only way you´ll be able to constantly do so is by setting goals that continuously light that inner spark—initiating a process equivalent to a forest fire!

Your fire is what keeps you on schedule, on time and on track! Your passion is your drive and if you lack clarity it is because you have lost connection with your passion, your why and most of all, your DIRECTION!

Remaining in the comfort zone never gets anyone anywhere. Break out of the norm and reach for opportunities that once seemed out of reach! And you´ll see your confidence explode to a new level of fulfilment.

3. Hire a mentor! When we feel lost (which we all do at times), it is because we have lost connection with both our goal and our VISION. Initially, these are what gives us direction and clarity.

But that´s only one side of the coin. The other side is called PRACTICALITIES. Once you have identified your vision and goal, how do you actually get there in the fastest and most efficient way possible?

Find someone who has already created the steps you want to take and can provide credible, proven advice for moving you from your starting point to full manifestation of your goal. 

When the baby cub elephant sees his mother drink from the lake, his brain is wired in such a way that he will automatically mimic her behaviour, even if he is newborn. The same goes for human babies when they try to walk for the first time. Hire a mentor who knows everything about where YOU would like to be and most of all how to get there and then follow what that person advocates!

4. Remember your precise deadlines and put them up in front of you! One common reason why goals are not being achieved is that you are missing the crucial visual connection with both the goal and the underlying vision. When you lose sight of your goals you lose your ability to reach them. 

Setting a goal is easy.  But it´s maintaining the connection with the vision beyond and the goal itself which helps create the transformations you seek. When you´re playing golf, where does the ball go if you lose sight of the target or your connection to the alignment towards the target? In the sand bunker or way off course. 

The same goes with life goals. Make meeting deadlines a priority. Even if you’ve created them yourself! By continuing to move the finish line, you delay success. Set simple but firm deadlines for yourself and meet and exceed them. You´ve got this!

 5. Set few but large goals — or milestones! Goals often drown when there are too many. When mentoring entrepreneurs, one of the biggest and most detrimental mistakes I see, is people having too many things on their plate at the same time. 

The best and fastest way to achieve anything in life is having 100% of your focus on that single thing until it has completely manifested. So, by setting a FEW but large milestones, one or two each YEAR will absolutely improve your chances of reaching whatever grand dream you might have.

After five years—how many big visions would you believe you have you been achieving?... You´re right. With the right tools for success and the right simplified plan, you can achieve anything you set your heart to achieve.

Don´t hesitate in connecting to get YOUR personal master plan for success created and let´s make 2020 the year where you go "the rest is history". I´m rooting for you!

2020 is your year!  Make it unforgettable!  

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