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Samir Di Johansson, 

Success - and Business Coach - Serial Entrepreneur and Sales Expert 

Martial Arts, Fitness &  Health Expert

CEO & Founder of Experts Accountability Team


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We are a worldwide mastermind of like-minded people, business experts, entrepreneurs, and coaches all of whom are here to help get you to the next level. You will be with people like yourself, people who want to make a contribution to the world with their businesses. They know that to give is to receive. If this sounds like you, we welcome you to join us today at the Experts Accountability Team´s Elite Program!

Experts Accountability Team is your solution to lightning speed progress and success. This is NOT for everyone! But you can join us today  and level up your business with the Elite Program where you will start achieving results immediately - IF you implement everything being taught!

I just got off the Elite call with Mr. Di Johansson - at the Experts Accountability Team´s  Elite program. I must say that I have done a lot of things and spent lots of money on self improvement and resources to move forward and I feel that what he helped me to realise in just one hour was worth more than all the other things I've done combined. 

I don't know how he did it but he basically took the things my inner intuition has been nudging me to do and placed them in front of me in a clear way to challenge me to do them and change my life. 

The one hour sessions are part of the Elite membership program and I would ENCOURAGE every entrepreneur if it resonates within you and you are truly wanting to change your life in a rapid but efficient process, to sign up for the Elite  and have these one hour sessions with Samir Di Johansson. 

It will be worth every minute and dollar. He is genuine and passionate and he made me feel he was truly desirous that I achieve all I mean to be and more. Thank you Samir!!!

Dr. Richard A. Aballay
Dr. Richard A. Aballay Richard A. Aballay Clinic - Franklin, Tenesee

The high energy people in the Experts Accountability Team put my business in high gear. In a few months, I finished a book that had been stalled for a year and I began speaking and presenting on my topic and was recently invited to speak at the prestigious TEDX Talk! Winning is all about attitude and mindset, and this group attracts people with world-class experience in many areas. If you show up and participate, you can’t help but achieve your goals fast because you will meet someone who has done what you want to do.

Peggy Salvatore
Peggy Salvatore Writing Expert | Author of Working With Subject Matter Experts

I love the great passion, enthusiasm, and dynamics in this group. The great knowledge of Mr. Di Johansson plus each one of the members here is unlimited, each one with their own strengths, talents, skills, abilities make this group priceless! The price is peanuts compared with the huge value and  R.O.I. you get on the inside! I highly recommend it. We want to meet you!  Join us  ! Let's work together on turning our dreams into reality !

Angelina Marilyn
Angelina Marilyn Marketer & Business Strategist | Online Marketing Expert


Then it is time you meet this amazing group of people that has gathered into this place. From the dream of looking for an accountability partner to assembling hundreds of high achievers around me, in different teams have "shot" most of our members like a rocket into the stratosphere! When you bring your powerful self and increase this collective energy even more - there are simply no limits for how far you can go.


We now have access to coaches, nutritionists, writers, marketers, speakers, athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, executives, Hollywood movie editors, real estate investors and more… And they will serve you if you serve them. You will have a team of high achievers around you to help you answer every question or problem you have, almost immediately. No matter where you are on the globe, somebody is probably awake and will jump in to work with you.

The Experts Accountability Team has increased my progress tremendously, I started workshops, online trainings and I got crazy good at presenting myself. I was just looking for an answer to a marketing question! What I got was a true tribe of like-minded people with an energy and mindset that matches mine. People have such high standards that it became easy for me to achieve my bigger goals and especially know what my next steps has to be.  I had been looking for this for 5 years. This team will put you lightyears in front of your competition! IT IS NOTHING SHORT OF AWESOME!

Mike Hoffmeister
Mike Hoffmeister Certified NLP Trainer and Coach | Expert On Overcoming Fears

Samir Di Johansson, 


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Samir Di Johansson, 

Leader - Success Coach - Entrepreneur & Martial Arts Expert

CEO & Founder: Experts Accountability Team


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I think it´s the masterminding I´m impressed by. I´m pretty good at keeping on schedule – but it´s the brain storming in this group that simply is priceless. What we just did here in the last 5 minutes....  there´s a whole new level of solutions that I was not aware of to investigate that very possibly could be exactly what I´ve been looking for! And that´s happened over and over again!

No matter what it is that you´re grappling with – at whatever level your business is at – somebody in the group has been there, done that – and we all just support and feed off one another – and give everybody hope that there´s solutions out there. And if nobody´s got and answer then somebody is on Google finding it out for you.

You can waste a LOT of time and energy. You can get down HUGE rabbit holes – and lose HALF days – where you REALLY should have been doing something else – but here – BANG.  DONE!

Susan Parker
Susan Parker CEO, Paint & Cocktails | Entrepreneur and MBA in Healthcare Management at McMaster University



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What do I say! Just had a call with Samir One hell of an eye opener... and for the first time in many years I feel I have a plan that is in the right direction. I recall Samir mention "Dancing around the Christmas tree "the other day - us down under guys use the term "Dancing around the target".

I have been doing this for so long I became an expert at dancing. (which was never part of my plan) To have somebody that I can feel open enough to provide where I'm at right now is only half the battle, but to find somebody that can provide the direction that I know is true, correct and more so I know feels - and IS right is a rare gem!

As an effect of the Elite sessions, in just two months my business has exploded from $800/month to $5000+/week, just by implementing the right positioning and packaging strategies !!

Thanks again Samir and thank you for your time and energy. My laser is now dead on target and I start travelling the path to financial freedom right now.

Steve Hutson, <span style=Australia" >
Steve Hutson, Australia Director | Hutson Group
Experts Revolution, Business Technology Coach

I too have just had my first Elite call with Samir Di Johansson and my heart is so full of joy at the phenomenal real possibilites for me and that I have something concrete to focus on and bring to life.
Samir gives his heart, soul and real tangible "doable" action steps. Yes I got my 30 day challenge and I am raring to go bright eyed and bushy tailed hihi

Samir is a man of integrity and when he says he will change your life and level you up with the Elite believe me this will happen for you too! He's not kidding and he is a man of his word. BIG THANK YOU Samir.

Alexandra McLean‎
Alexandra McLean‎