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Finally revealing the secrets for
groundbreaking personal branding! 

Through a life of trial and error, testing and paving the way to find the golden keys to living the life of his dreams, Samir Di Johansson is now giving you his own powerful methods for expert branding, packaging and marketing.

After more than +30 years in the sales and marketing industry and practicing martial arts on an elite national level for just as long, he realised his dreams of going to Hollywood on acting school, where he lived and trained with celebs and world-class athletes, learning everything they could possibly teach him about personal branding. He then took it a step further and educated himself in graphic design, visual composition and VFX for film and television under the world´s best Pixar and DreamWorks animators.

His hunger for knowledge didn´t stop there as he went on to hire Tony Robbins team to mentor him in business development and to top it all off he attended Brendon Burchard´s top programs to learn everything he could learn about branding, positioning, packaging and price strategy. All this lead him to form a mastermind of high-end entrepreneurs from all over the world who all enjoyed the benefits of his proven methods and established network of world-wide experts, The Experts Accountability Team.

New York Authors suddenly got books published in less than 4 weeks and got invited to speak on TED stages, while  coaching business after coaching business were exploding with the help of these same and eventually personally improved methods for once and for all - massive international success. 

"I can confidently say - I´ve walked the walk and talked the talk, as this freight train of knowledge landed me on cover after cover and TV, radio and podcast interviews with the numbers to show for it - Want to transform YOUR business?... Book your OWN PERSONAL session with me   >> Here <<  and find out HOW".

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